Today, Lampre Group is one of the leading manufacturers of pre-coated steel in Europe. Ever since its establishment in 1975, the company has continued to grow and invest in advanced computerised production in order to ensure that the quality and reliability of its products guarantee its success. Lampre has manufacturing plants in Italy and in Portugal, serving our clients worldwide. Lampre is currently the market leader in high quality PVC-coated steels, the core competence of the company since its foundation. This success has been built on the work of a flexible, dynamic and enthusiastic organization emphasising quality, customer service and efficiency. Continuous investments in the research and development needed for developing new products, and in an ultra-modern manufacturing facility have made it possible to extend the selection of alternatives, colours, design models and embossed coatings.


In addition to Lampre's rolled steel products, we have the services of two sister companies: Lamital and Lamfer, which are service centres specialising in cutting and marketing steel products. Quick and reliable service is guaranteed by our long-term experience, flexible structure and the synergy of coordinating all the operations of the Lampre Group.