Ferecon represent of building materials, applicable in fire-resistant constructions as well as in the field of temperature control. In addition Ferecon manufactures decorative wall and ceiling panels for projects demanding high requirements regarding fire safety. All products are provided with the required reports and certificates in accordance with the latest European standards.
Ferecon products are used in construction projects, such as airports, hospitals and prisons. The materials are suited to be applied in the metal industry, door industry and heater industry.


Grenamat is a fireproof sheet material, produced on the basis of vermiculite and an inorganic binding agent. These contain no minerals, glass fibres or asbestos. Grenamat is an ecological material and resistant against temperatures up to 1200 °C. The sheets have excellent acoustic and thermal characteristics. The most significant advantage vermiculite has, is that the sheets can be processed while using standard woodworking tools. Furthermore a number of different surface finishing can be applied.

Grenamat AL

Vermiculite sheet, provided with a paper layer for the cladding of columns / supporting beams and the fire-resistant cladding of air ducts. This product fully complies with the following standards:

European standards Dutch standards
EN13381-4 NEN6072
EN13501-1 NEN6065
EN11925-2 NEN6065
EN1366-5 NEN6069

Grenamat AL with hard plastic decor

Finished product, including the required profiles for walls / ceilings. This product fully complies with the following standards:

European standards

Grenamat AR

Vermiculite sheets with a high temperature resistance and low thermal conduction. Applicable in the metal industry and refactory.

Grenamat AS

Heat resistant sheets, resistant against quick temperature variations. Applicable in the heater industry.

Grenamat B

Vermiculite in combination with wood chips, applicable in fire doors or other fire-resistant products such as furniture, walls and ceilings..