Metal false ceilings, frontal side cassettes, lighting systems

Atena is an ISO 9001 certified company established in 1988 in Gruaro, Northern Italy near the Venice-Trieste/Udine motorway. There is a total of about 20,000 m2 of covered production area divided into three factory areas: Metal (metal, profiles, panels, grilles and modular metal cassettes), frontal side cassettes, lighting modules, supporting structures, various false ceiling accessories and a powder painting unit.


For the ever growing demands of personalized products, Atena Group offers various false ceiling solutions characterised by precision and top-of-the-line technology. Thanks to Atena's long experience in the field of false ceilings, the company has been able to make the right investments for the future, making it one of the leading suppliers.

Competence, passion and enthusiasm. The secret of our reality.


Atena S.p.A. supplies its products for construction and shipbuilding industry; our own design department and strong cooperation with production guarantee high-quality finished products for both sectors. We also supply lighting solutions, sunshades, metal grille ceilings, profiles for gypsum products, various accessories as well as customer-specific special items etc. Find out more about the products and services by watching the video presentation at or by visiting the company's website. The company's website offers an opportunity to download its product catalogues and other necessary documents. Atena S.p.A. is glad to help you with all questions concerning the products and services offered. Ask for an offer; we have the right products for the right places for competitive prices.